Direx Renova

Why the Direx Renova Is the Best Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Direx Renova

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you may have tried numerous different solutions. You will, most likely, discover that most of these solutions do not work. Therefore, more people are starting to gravitate towards solutions like the Direx Renova. Let us tell you what it is all about.

What is the Renova?

The Renova offers a treatment known as low intensity electro shockwave therapy. This, essentially, means that a small electrical pulse is delivered to the base of the penis. This helps to change up the penis physically, allowing more blood to flow into it and, perhaps more importantly, allow the blood to stay in the penis! This leads to stronger erections.

It may sound like this is a painful process, but it is not! Many people report that it is a very comfortable process!

How Effective is the Treatment?

This treatment is surprisingly effective. While it is still in the earliest possible stages of research, there have been several studies thus far. All of them seem to indicate that the Renova, and equipment like it, has a success rate of close to 100%. It is worth noting that this is only for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction due to physiological reasons, but this should be most people!

This is not just a short-term benefit, either. The benefits of this treatment are long term. This means that you will completely eradicate your symptoms even months after the treatment has finished. As we mentioned, this study is still in the earliest stages, but people six to twelve months after ceasing the treatment are noticing a positive impact on their erectile dysfunction.

Do you need medication?

One of the great things about this treatment is that there is absolutely no medication required. Yes, some people will take medication while they are waiting for the treatment to ‘kick in’, which normally takes about 2 weeks, but you do not really need to do that.

The major benefit of not needing to take medication is the fact that you do not have to worry about paying for repeat prescriptions, which can become costly. In addition to this, you are not going to need to plan sex quite as much. After all; if the Renova works, and it is likely that it will work, you will be able to maintain an erection whenever you want without any issues! When you take medication, you need to plan the exact moment you want to have sex, just so you can take it, and that is not fun.

If you wish to undergo the treatment offered by the Direx Renova, then you are encouraged to get in touch with your local doctor. It is likely that they will offer this treatment, or one like it, on their premises. If you are a doctor that is looking to offer this treatment to their patients, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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