ED 1000

Why You Should Offer The ED 1000 Treatment To Your Patients

ED 1000 Treatment

If you are a doctor that treats patients for erectile dysfunction, then it is likely that you want to offer the best treatments around. You want your patients to eradicate their ED once and for all, right? Well, thankfully, the ED 1000 can help with this. Let us explain.

What Treatment Does This Equipment Offer?

This treatment utilizes a technique known as ‘electro shockwave therapy’. Without going too deep into how this works (we know that you are a busy person). It is a pain free procedure. Small acoustic waves will be delivered directly to the penis. This helps to increase the amount of blood that can flow into the penis leading to stronger and longer lasting erections.

It Works

Right off the bat, this is the thing that you want to be on the lookout for. You want a treatment that works for your patients, and this is one that deliveries. While only a few studies have been carried out so far, all of them have had very promising results. Almost 100% of the people who have undergone electro shockwave therapy have been 100% cured. This means that even after the treatment stops, their erectile dysfunction issues do not return.

It is worth noting at this stage that this treatment is only going to be suitable for those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction for physiological reasons. If the reason behind the ED is psychological, this is a treatment which will not be that effective. As a doctor, however, you will know that most people fall into the ‘physiological camp’.

It Is Quick And Easy

This is a treatment which does not take long to work either. Your patient will need to attend a few sessions over the course of a few weeks. How long will be dependent on the severity of their condition. After this, that is it. They are not going to need to return to you. It is unlikely their ED will return. Most people will notice that the treatment starts to have a positive impact within a couple of weeks.

The sessions will only be a short amount of time. It is rare for it to be longer than 20 minutes or so.

No Medication Required

Doctors do not like to prescribe medication if they can help it. The problem with medication is that you need to ensure that it does not interact with other medications. There are some medicines out there which do not work well with ED medicine at all. Basically, it is inconvenient. With this treatment, your patient will not need to use medication. Some will continue to use it before they see a positive impact, but this is not strictly necessary.

If you want to offer treatments like the ED 1000 to your patients, then feel free to get in touch with our team here. We will be more than happy to ‘point you in the direction’ when it comes to introducing this treatment to your practice.

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